The 7 Components To a Fulfilling Life

Sunday, June 5, 2011 5:06
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People often talk about goal-setting and new year’s resolutions with a somewhat cavalier attitude – as if it’s easy to decide what you’d like to change. For some, it might be easy – just one or two small adjustments and they’re living the life they’ve always wanted. But for most of us, we’re so caught up in the day-to-day grind that we fail to assess accurately the quality of our lives.

To find out what was REALLY important to me and what I wanted to change, I decided to evaluate every facet of my life. That way I could see what was working and what I wanted to improve.

After much thought, I decided there were basically seven components to a truly fulfilling life. I decided to give those aspects of my life a satisfaction rating from 1 to 10 with 1 being miserable and 10 being absolutely fabulous.

My 7 components to fulfillment are:

  • physical health

  • spiritual growth
  • emotional growth
  • recreational/fun time
  • relationships
  • finances
  • career

Quite honestly, rating each of these parts of my life wasn’t an easy thing to do. But I wanted it to be effective, so I had to get real – REALLY real (and I’ve been pretty good at lying to myself as I pointed out on my new outlook page). I was stunned to find that every single area of my life needed some work.

Now as I mentioned before, you cannot and should not try to eat an elephant in one bite. So I decided to focus on three areas of my life which I felt needed the most work or that were most important to me at the time. I then set out to make small goals for myself in each of those categories.

I took a lot of time in considering my goals. I’m no longer going to make preposterous goals like “earn a million dollars this year”, or “run a marathon by summer” (when I’ve not worked out in years). Instead, I was ambitious in my goal-setting, but I was also realistic. I wanted to set myself up for success by ensuring I could achieve small goals along the way.

With that idea in mind, I set goals that were measurable, achievable, and important to me. After all, life is a journey. I don’t have to be perfect by tomorrow. I just need to take the first step to getting there.

I do have a few words of advice on how to make your goals:

  • Be completely honest with yourself.
  • To identify what is it you really want, ask yourself what it is you DON’T want and do the opposite.
  • Don’t settle for less than you deserve.

Once you’ve made your goals list, focus on the three most important at first. And most importantly, don’t forget to come up with your reasons WHY you want to accomplish these goals in the first place.

Remember…you MUST achieve it. Because we always do what we MUST do, but we rarely do what we SHOULD do.

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