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Thursday, May 12, 2011 5:32
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couldaYeah, I know – I made a pretty big claim there that one tiny word can change your life!

Just who the hell do I think I am? Well, I’m someone who’s had plenty of success and failure throughout my life. I know the reasons I’ve succeeded before, and I know the reasons I’ve failed.

And they all come down to one little word. But you’re going to have to read on to learn what that word is.

Most of us amble through life with an unwritten desire for certain things. For some of us it’s a fancy car, for others it’s a prestigious address or a trip around the world. The list of possibilities (desires) is endless. Regardless of what your goals are, they’re always there lurking in your subconscious – gently nagging at you and telling you how you haven’t made it just yet.

Have you ever wanted something so desperately you felt your life would instantly improve if you had it? You just HAD to have this one thing. If only you were granted this one wish, your life would be complete!

And then you got it. And you loved it. You were so happy you finally had it – this thing you just HAD to have.

But then something happened. Probably without your even realizing it, the newness wore off, and you felt you needed something ELSE to be complete. You still felt empty; you still felt like something was missing. So you moved on to the next thing you just HAD to have. And then the next thing. And so on and so on the cycle continues.

Why doesn’t happiness last? Why can’t we seem to find what’s missing that will make us feel complete?

I’ll tell you why, and it’s really very simple. It’s because most of us don’t know WHY we want certain things.

“Why” is the world’s greatest motivator. It’s the one little word that can change your life forever. Once you get to the root of why you really want something, you’ll be much more motivated to achieve it. But most of us misuse the power of why.

For many people today it goes something like this…

  • You love your children more than anything, and they’re your top priority.
  • Because you love them, you want to provide them with security and happiness.
  • So you work 70 hours every week because you want that big promotion, right?
  • You want that big promotion because you want more money, right?
  • You want more money so you can buy that bigger home, right?
  • You want that bigger home so your kids will have room to grow, right?

The reality of the situation probably looks more like this…

You never see your kids.

You are always at work.

But that’s OK because you work for your kids…

the kids you never get to see…

because you’re at work 70 hours a week.

Doesn’t this seem a little misguided? The real why you are working so hard and for so many hours often gets lost somewhere in the shuffle. And you find yourself working all the time. Too many times the family we love suffers for it, and no one is happy.

The reason no one is happy is because our actions are not matching up with our priorities! Let me give you another example.

Let’s use a mythical character I’ll call “Les.” Now Les is really overweight. He’s tired and unhealthy, and he doesn’t have the energy to play with his young son. Les has a baby daughter on the way soon as well.

Les looks down at his ever-growing beer gut and decides it’s time to get in shape. Every day for the next week, Les heads to the gym and works out like a maniac. He drinks nothing but water, and every day he eats nothing but salads (stuff he affectionately refers to as “rabbit food”).

By Saturday Les has lost 8 pounds. He’s feeling good about his progress, and he’s ready to take on the world. In fact, he’s so proud of himself that he decides he deserves a piece of cake. That’s not a problem, really; one piece of cake every once in a while isn’t going to hurt.

HERE’S the problem…

On Sunday, Les decides he’s already blown his diet by having the piece of cake. So he grabs a bag of potato chips and a beer, orders a pizza, and sits down to watch The Godfather movie marathon.

He never makes it back to the gym. He goes back to eating everything that isn’t nailed down, and he gains back every pound and then some.

What just happened there? We’ve all seen and done this kind of stuff time and time again. But WHY does it happen? Why can’t Les stay motivated?

Les can’t stay motivated because he tried to do too much all at once AND because he never established the reason WHY he wanted to lose weight!

To be truly successful accomplishing our goals, we MUST know WHY we want to accomplish them in the first place!

“I wanna be skinny” is NOT a reason WHY! Why do you want to be skinny?

Because I’ll like the way I look.

Why do you want to look skinny?

Because people will find me more attractive.

Why do you want to be more attractive?

Because I want people to love and accept me.

Boy, will that ever head you down a road to disaster! Now don’t get me wrong – love can be a powerful motivator, but please know you cannot depend on others for your happiness!

To be successful in achieving YOUR goals, those goals must be for YOU. A better reason for working out (to create lasting success) would be:

I MUST work out because I deserve a healthy body.
I MUST work out because I deserve to have the energy to do all the things I want to do.
I MUST work out to live longer and enjoy all life has to offer.

Why did I turn everything into a “must”?

Because people will always do what they feel they MUST do, but they very rarely, if ever, do what they SHOULD do. To create lasting change, you must convince yourself your goals are ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY and that you MUST accomplish them!

So, to review the most important key points for success:

Know WHAT you want.
Know WHY you want it.
Convince yourself you MUST do it.

These three little steps will help you to create massive changes in the way you live your life. You will no longer settle for anything less than you deserve. So start living!

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