About Me

Who am I, you might ask? This blog is about one suburban mom who is tired of living a sub-par existence. I’m sick of being tired, overweight, and bored with life.

I’m tired of wasting endless hours in front of mind-numbing television shows I don’t even care about. I’m sick of watching my butt get bigger as my complexion grows worse and worse.

I no longer want to wake up dying for a cup of coffee filled with tons of fattening creamer and sugar and slog through my day continuing to pump caffeine into my system just to get through it.

It’s a new year, and I’ve got a new outlook! You’ll be hearing a LOT more from me as I transform several parts of my life so make sure you keep up with my progress. I’ll be focusing on various aspects of my life which you can read about on my goals page.

I’ve attempted to do this many times. But this time is different in a few different ways…

I’ve never made a public commitment to work on these things before.
I’ve always tried to do it all at once before (completely setting myself up for failure).

This time I’m going to be patient with myself. I’m going to tackle one thing at a time. And this time I’m NOT trying.

I once heard that “trying” is “failing with dignity”. So I won’t be “trying”; I’ll be DOING.